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Save on your phone calls from the UK to international destinations. Make a Cheap low cost international phone call.






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Great Call Savings!

Make cheap international calls to world wide destinations and save on your landline or mobile phone bill. 




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Select the country you want to call from the drop-down list above. You will then be taken to a page showing the access number to call and it's charge per minute.
Call the low rate access number that's shown.
Now simply dial the number you wish to call.

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  Make cheap international calls to many countries world wide, for less. Show landline rates

Save on your landline or mobile phone bill. Call one of our our low rate access numbers. Low cost, high quality phone calls at your finger-tips

Top Destinations

  India Call India 1p
Spain Call Spain 1p
Thailand Call Thailand 1p
Bangkok Call Bangkok 1p
Germany Call Germany 1p
France Call France 1p
Portugal Call Portugal 1p
Latvia Call Latvia 1p

Select the country you wish to call from the drop-down list above. Use the Instant access number when shown and you can make cheap, low cost international calls now! You can also make low rate international calls from a mobile or payphone too. Your call will be charged at one cheap, flat rate, all day, every day.

Now you can afford to call whenever the mood takes you - morning, noon or night - and you'll still enjoy the same low cost rate. What's more, you can talk for much longer. High call quality guaranteed!


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  • Cheaper phone calls

  • No account to open
  • No bills from us
  • No pre-payment
  • No credit card required
  • High Quality Call

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